extraneous apostrophe in grub config?
(too old to reply)
2014-10-13 22:43:07 UTC
I know we're apparently being naughty if we mention 13.2RC1 in here, but
I have a question that would apply equally to 13.1 anyway.

What is wrong in the following grub.cfg line?
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=" resume=/dev/sda6 splash=silent quiet
elevator='missing showopts"

I removed the apostrophe after the elevator= part, and got the system to
boot, although it threw some error message about missing showopts which
I overrided by pressing a key. I don't know if there should be a closing
apostrophe before the quote mark or some other fix.

This was a result of me just doing an install of 13.2RC1 on an old
laptop, but it was horked when configuring grub2 with some error message
'opensuse grub unexpected eof while looking for matching...' - I didn't
note down the rest. So the above was the default line placed in the grub
config, which doesn't seem correct, and the machine wouldn't boot at all
without going through the rescue system and fixing it. I've not found
anything specifically relating to this when Googling, but from bits and
pieces of vaguely related errors and bugs in previous and other distros,
I tracked it down to that file. So I could file a bug report, but I
wonder how the grub line actually should read?

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