Bootalbe USB stick - OS 13.1
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Gustav Degreef
2014-10-22 08:57:07 UTC

In a previous post on this topic I asked for help and was able to
install OS 13.1 KDE on a usb stick. I am posting a small follow-up
because of a very positive experience and I want to thank the developers.

The USB stick was run on a new laptop which had win8.1 on it, I did that
because I had to wait a month before I could sort out the UEFI issues
and install it on the hard disk. I was able to fully update the
packages on the USB stick and even to add packman repo and other repos
to the software manager.

Just to try it out, I eventually installed the opensuse on the laptop
from the USB stick. It was incredible to me that the installed system
on the laptop was fully updated! And I can continue to update the USB
stick, run it on other computers, and if I need to install 13.1 on
another computer, I can get a fully updated install right off the bat!
I have experienced opensuse getting better and better in many respects,
but I found this incredible. Thanks to all those who made this
possible. Gustav.
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